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"Choices & Change"

Die Trilogie ist vollstaendig - The trilogy is complete

"Tales To Tell" and "Diary Of A Traveller" were recorded by producer Gavin Monaghan

at the Magic Garden Recording Studios in Wolverhampton/England.

"Choices & Change" was recorded by Jens Dreesen at Universe Of The Ears in Duesseldorf/Germany.



"Tales To Tell" und "Diary Of A Traveller" wurden von dem Produzenten Gavin Monaghan

 in den Magic Garden Recording Studios in Wolverhampton/England aufgenommen.

"Choices & Change" wurde von Jens Dreesen bei Universe Of The Ears in Duesseldorf/Deutschland aufgenommen.


Das Album "Diary Of A Traveller" auf 180g Vinyl.

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The album "Diary Of A Traveller" on 180g vinyl.

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              Picture: Martin Lamberty