Sem Seiffert

                 Sem Seiffert

Handmade Folk Rock Music


One of the main influences for his lyrics are the travels to countries like e.g Peru, India, Cabo Verde, Cambodia,

where he took the chance to get into contact with people, nature and culture.

Ireland and Scotland were also places that impressed him.

In the streets of Edinburgh and Dublin he started to busk...

Years later he wrote his first album

"Tales to tell"...

Again three years later his second album

"Diary Of A Traveller"

came to life with the help of many gentle people, via crowdfunding.

Both albums were recorded in England, with producer Gavin Monaghan, at the Magic Garden Recording Studios.

Sem Seiffert again and again is on tour and so far he played more than 250 concerts and festivals in

the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany .

Since 2017 he is also attended once in a while by Kamilla Eggeling (Cello) and Mathieu Bech (drums).