Sem Seiffert



Sem Seiffert


Handmade Folk Rock Music

Sem always wanted to play drums when he was a young one.

But like in many families there was no space for a drumset .

One day he saw somebody sitting on a step, playing the guitar.

From that moment he knew he wanted to play this instrument.

Later on he started to sing while he was playing and enjoyed that even more.

He started to write songs when he was 15 years old...


When he left school he started to work as a bartender to earn enough money to travel.

He had worked as an entertainer on a ship before in the Mediterranean Sea.

That was when he decided to travel...

He went to many different places and so he also came to Ireland and Scotland.

In the streets of Edinbourgh and Dublin he started to busk.

Many many gently and helpful people crossed his way that time...


Around 8 years later he decided to write an album about his time on the island...


"Tales to tell"...


Sem lives in Cologne, but especially because quiet a few of his songs are related

to Eire and Scotland, he wanted to record his album in the UK.

He contacted Gavin Monaghan who became interested when he listened to

Sem's Song "Have You Ever Been To Wonder-Wonderland?"

They made plans to work together.

And so they did in the end of February '13.

11 Songs were recorded in just 7 days...

Unfortunately Sem got a flu on his 3rd day in England what didn't allow him

to keep on recording the vocals for "Tales To Tell."

So he returned in the beginning of May to complete the upcoming album.

Afterwards Jens Dreesen mastered it at Skyline Tonfabrik in Düsseldorf/Germany...


Since November 2014 Sem Seiffert again and again tours through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.