Sem Seiffert



Sem Seiffert


Handmade Folk Rock Music

When he left school he started to work as a bartender to earn enough money to travel.

He had worked as an entertainer on a ship before, in the Mediterranean Sea.

That time he decided to travel...

He went to many different places and so he also came to Ireland and Scotland.

In the streets of Edinburgh and Dublin he started to busk.

Gentle and helpful people crossed his way...


Around 8 years later he wrote an album about his time on the island...


"Tales to tell"...


Sem lives close to Cologne, but especially because quiet a few of his songs of his first album are related

to Eire and Scotland, he wanted to record his album in the UK.

He contacted Gavin Monaghan who became interested when he listened to

Sem's Song "Have You Ever Been To Wonder-Wonderland?"

They made plans to work together.

And so they did in the end of February '13.

11 Songs were recorded in just 7 days...


Since November 2014 Sem Seiffert again and again was on tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

After around 100 concerts later, it was time to record a second album.

And what would have been a better title for it than

"Diary Of A Traveller"...


Together with the help of many lovely people, it was possible to bring this album to life, via crowdfunding.


So far more than 250 concerts and festivals brought him to

the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Germany .

In November 2018 he'll also play a small tour in Ireland.


Besides many solo-concert you now see him also in a Duo or Trio with Cello or Cello and drums.